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India's leading Software Development Company with many successful mobile, web games, cryptocurrency, ICO, which are used in every corner of the world. We are Bitcoin Betting, CS:GO Gambling, Steam API, Sports Betting, Adult Webcam, iOS, android, Social Networking Website Developers. We have done Ethereum Fork with 5 Billion Coins with blockchain, Wallet(Window, Linux, Mac) supportive POS/POW, Waves and Dag Blockchain solution...

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Casino Game Website Development

We offers extensive multifariousness of casino games as casino in your local city. The games are developed for looking and functioning like actual spirit casinos like online include roulette, slots, blackjack, video poker, craps and poker...

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Cryptocurrency & Exchange Website

We are also expert in IPTV, IP Camera, ICO, ERC20 Token, Wallet, Dag and Waves Blockchain, Bitcoin, litecoin, Ethereum, XRP for developing offshore Crypto Currency exchange & trading website...

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CSGO Jackpot and CoinFlip Website

We can make a CS:GO gambling website with Jackpot and CoinFlip games. The website will allow people to play with their CSGO items to play Jackpot, Dice, Crash, CoinFlip and win CSGO items in return...

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Mobile Game Development

Our recent innovations includes iOS Game application developments, iphone Game Application Development like Angry Birds, Multiplayer Casino Game Applications Development for iOS ANDROID...

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As a mobile application developer, always to be analysis and determine of what environments or platforms to use for Mobile Application Development for iPhone/iPad, Android, BlackBerry and Window...

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HTML5 Web Design

We are expert in HTML, DHTML,XHTML, HTML5,CSS 2, CSS 3, mobile and ipad compatible, JAVASCRIPT, responsive, Flexible, Layout,1140 CSS Grid,WAI 2.0 / Section 508...

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Escort Website Development

Project Manager

If you are looking for adult escort website for users and models platform then you are luckly right here. We know how does an escort website work...

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Social Networking Development


Social networks are a sociable framework comprised of men, women with their pets and animals. Here we have done clone of Facebook, & Twitter...

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Adult Webcam Chat Development Web Programmer

In adult content zone we have developed adult live streaming and webcam chat sites like Livejasmin, Cam4, Imlive, Myfreecams and Streamate...

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Welcome to I.M.S Technologies


With advanced inventions in web technology, business competition has boosted sharply and to speed up the whole process, business owners are searching to incorporate the advanced apps that can hold them ahead of competitors. Designing and developing an app always requires a complete understanding of the business demands and its current status in the market. Once the web and application is placed and completed, the program is expected to perform with specious functionality directly from the web and mobile app user's device. Web and mobile applications have the possibility to handle market works and boost the overall revenue of your business in all feasible means but if you’re interested to reach out to the recent market that remained unimpaired before, then have a view on the advantages of investing in web and mobile application development. These apps are usually advanced development software that are accessible via a internet browser and it can be a message-board, a complex word processor or sign in page on a site.

A web and mobile application doesn’t require the designer and developer to build it based on a particular type of operating system. Since this can run in an internet browser, the user can use the app on an internet browser of their preference. Mobile applications are particularly developed for mobile devices such as I-phones. Web and mobile application development are building waves in the development of e-business and these web applications possess certain functions and features that are unique and provides flexibility, mobility, and adds values in operating a plenty of works. Any web and mobile application development firm specializing in this technology has a plenty of proficient application developers who are aware of the advanced trends and can comfortably integrate the needed features that satisfies the demands of customers.

Some essential features that disassemble a web and interactive mobile application:

  • Application design:
    both web and mobile applications are developed for handset devices and display info for the users and exceptionally use heavy images and graphics. But web applications provide a huge display and can accept inputs from mouse and keypads whereas mobile apps ever shrinking keypad puts stress on the users.
  • Functionality:
    a mobile application can run on a handset with a web browser and it means that users who are undesirable to download application can even access the mobile site. Any user having an I-phone can visit your site. On the other hand these applications enable the user to retrieve data over the web using their preferential internet browser.
  • Cross platform compatibility:
    Most mobile devices run proprietary OS, they’re basically not cross compatible. The same mobile app has to be developed in different versions for different OS. On the other hand web apps are cross compatible provided the web browser understand the apps encoding.

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There’re a plenty of Cryptocurrency, ICO, Wallet, website, mobile and desktop application firms worldwide, who provide several types of features to their audiences. They provide a work power with remote access to task details such as - contact information, work order location, asset history, required completion date, applicable contracts. Not only this, the web, mobile and desktop applications service providers enable the business to up-to-date work order status in real time. You can hire us to develop a new web, mobile and desktop applications. We develop mobile, web and desktop apps for businesses all over the world. Our services include Mobile Applications, Web Design, iOS (iPhone and iPAD) Applications, Applications for Android and Blackberry, desktop application software as MLM software, payroll system, banking management system and m-commerce. Applications using latest technology like GeoMaps, Augmented Reality are our other focus areas.

We are one of the pioneers in bringing mobile applications to worldwide market along with apps on other mobile devices like Blackberry. Mobile sites, with instinctive design for an excellent display on Mobile devices, iPad and iPhones are our specialty. There’s a shortage of great developers in the face of great demand. We've expert a plenty of people from great places such as The New York Times and Harvard University.

Web applications have revolutionized our life style to an excellent extent. Mobile friendly apps are the next flood in that current technology trend. We foreknow a good development in the mobile apps domain and have invested greatly in designing and developing our professionals in those mobile technology areas. Please read through our great variety of services we offer to the industry.

Our Global Services :

  • Web Design – We are specialized in innovative and professional web design and web development.
  • Social Network – We are well specialized in creating high end quality social networking website with pets and animals community with similar features of facebook.
  • Adult Webcam Chat Software – We are having a huge experience in developing adult webcam chat software with social networking networking modules. It will have Cam2Cam multi room chat, P2P Live webcam chat features where user can interact with beautiful, hot modles and porn stars.
  • Interactive Mobile Application – We’ve huge experience in web and mobile applications developments. We provide Smartphone or mobile applications for all platforms such as Android, Blackberry, iPhone, and Windows. We’ve a plenty of expertise in designing and developing web and mobile applications.
  • iPad or iPhone(iOS) Apps – We’re specialized in developing iPad/iPhone apps for many business areas. In order to meet your iPad/iPhone development demands, we welcome you to choose our iPad/iPhone development services.
  • Desktop Application – We realize that the potency of your desktop apps also depends on its feature and function adaptability. With our exceptional Application Development solution, we assure more flexibility.
  • Small Business Website – We also focus to optimize clientle small business online by deploying their product as Air Duct Cleaning, Locksmith, Law Firm, medical, pharma, healthcare, consultancy and Insurance website..
  • Ecommerce Solutions – As part of our services relating to customizing your e-commerce website, we integrate a range of processes which help give you a faster turnaround time using zend, cakephp, wordpress and magento framework.
  • 3D graphics programming – A 3D-Graphical Engine library, which is used as a component to generate 3D Visuals in any simulation based application. This component provides simple API’s to initialize and generate 3D graphics based on various classes exposed in it. This library can be used with any type of simulation where virtual world or virtual reality types of topics comes into act.
  • 3D Simulator – Simulation of 3D visuals, sound effects , Hardware control panels and simulation of various devices such as RADAR, GPS.
  • Chess Game Development – Chess game is a web based game server which will run independently of the client. That can be used for hosting game servers for multiplayer online chess game.
  • Casino and Poker Game Development – These gambling websites will be multiplayer where user can join 2 player / 4 player & 6 player game, we will develop these game engine in java using As3.
  • Rummy Card Game Development – Rummy, a popular game worldwide, is now available online (thanks to the high technology). People of different class and ages equally prefer to play this game, as this specific family shares "discard and draw” structure.
  • Sports Betting Website Development – Sports and Bitcoin betting websites have many advantages such as the ease of placing bets on any sport or sports from the comfort and privacy of your clients’ own homes or their mobile phones.
  • CS:GO Gambling Website – Steam API & Crypto Currency based counter strike global offensive gambling website development with game as CoinFlip, Roulette, Crash, Dice and Jackpot.
  • Bitcoin Betting Website – BTC based gambling platform for web, ios and android with horse racing, jackpot, coin flip and dice game development.
  • ICO & Cryptocurrency Exchange Website – Offshore service provider with Ethereum, Waves and Dag Blockchain, BTC, LTC, ETH exchange system, ico website, Ripple Fork, ERC20 Token & Wallet development.
  • e-Learning Management System – We also provides a eLearning Management System services that engaged to address the training and learning needs of educational and organizations institutions.
  • SEO – We are a leading SEO services provider. Our dedicated team of SEO experts ensures quality SEO services. We provide best online visibility of your site on the web.

Our company is registered with partnership branches in India. We’ve develop several projects for Government firms as well as private and public Businesses all over the world. We welcome you to contact us for more detail on our expertise.