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Welcome to http://www.wat-sup.com/ a cool place to interact with likeminded people and making friends. The site is for the people and the purpose of the website is to help people in connecting with friends and family. By using our website you agree to follow our terms and conditions.

Read our terms and condition carefully and make your presence easy, safe and enjoyable. The platform of wat-sup.com is for people; help us in making this place clean and cordial for all users by following and agreeing to our term and conditions policy.

Instead of using heavy words in our T&C, we have make it simple and user friendly, please read it before joining.

Letís have a glance to our terms and conditions and a detailed version is given below:

http://www.wat-sup.com/ respects your privacy and did not use any of your information without your prior permission.
  • Anyone who is 13 or 13+ of age could register at http://www.wat-sup.com/.
  • Share personal information intelligently, you can limit who can view certain personal information such as DOB, e-mail id and contact number.
  • It is advice not to share personally-identifiable information to any third party for your security
  • Wat-sup.com does not support spam
  • wat-sup also does not confirm nor verify the users. Therefore, we recommend that you to be careful and exercise common sense and good judgment when dealing with any User on the Site
  • We can send you e-mail to contact you, though user can control the types and frequencies of certain emails you receive. 
  • We can access your clickstream data to improve the functionality of the website.
  • We are not responsible for third party link displayed on our website.
  • All Content, whether publicly posted or privately sent, is the sole responsibility of the user who posted such content. Any use or reliance on any Content or materials posted via the Services or obtained by you through the Services is at your own risk.
  • http://www.wat-sup.com/ will not tolerate racism and abuse. Your account will be deleted if you will get involved in such activities.
  • Never ever share your password with anyone. Protect your account with strong password.
  • Do not share pornographic links, gambling links or hostile content against any community or race on the website.
  • http://www.wat-sup.com/ could introduce changes in its T&C policies at any time it is advised to visit term and condition page from time to time for latest updates.
Personal information:

You need an account on http://www.wat-sup.com/ to use the website. You will be asked to register your account and provide some personal information like your email-id and password. The purpose of collecting this information is to secure your account from unauthorized access. By registering to our website you will be allow to access more services.

As a member of wat-sup.com you can create your personal profile on website and can share personal information as your age, gender, DOB, occupation, hobbies, professional. Apart from that you can also share links, videos and photos on your profile. You can set who can view your personal information with account privacy setting option. You can block search engines form crawling your information.
Sharing information:

When you invite new member to your network or send message to non Wat-sup member by sending links or sharing pictures or videos we gather information like mail id and content shared to other person.

When you use specific application or features on wat-sup.com website may collect information about your activities.

When you set a setting to everyone for specific content or picture, website will use your name and profile picture to give it a unique identity.

We put our best effort to make website safe for our users
  1. Users are not supposed to publicize unauthorized commercial communication; it will be treated as spam.
  2. Account holders should not get involved in malicious activities like uploading virus or malware, if user will find involved in such activities his or her account will be suspended or permanently removed from the website.
  3. Do not share your account information with other and protect your account from unauthorized access.
  4. Respect the sentiments of others. It is a place to interact not to show your prejudice, regionalism or racism.
  5. User will not post content that is hateful, threatening or pornographic.
  6. you should not use the platform of wat-sup.com to do anything unlawful or malicious
  7. Do not tamper the website.
  8. Members will not violate any of these terms.
Registration and account security

Users are supposed to provide authentic information regarding their name and other information. Make your stay easy and friendly by following these easy steps:
  1. Provide real information while creating your account.
  2. Each user is supposed to have only one personal profile at a time.
  3. If your account get disabled by wat.sup.com. You will not create new account without our prior permission.
  4. User personal information will not be used by website for commercial purpose.
  5. Minimum age for creating account on wat-sup.com is 13 year.
  6. provide up-to date and accurate information
  7. Never share your password with anyone and protect your account from any kind of mishandling
Protecting otherís privacy:

We expect from our users to respect the privacy of other wat-sup.com users
  1. Do not post revengeful, insulting or threatening content, your account would get removed if we will find you involved in such activity.
  2. If you repeatedly infringe other people’s intellectual property right your account will be get disabled or removed.
  3. you will not use our trademarks and copyright without prior written permission
  4. If you  collect information from other users make it very clear that it is you who is collecting information and not the main website that is wat-sup.com
  5. Do not post any sensitive information regarding other users, which could be misuse by other people.
  6. Do not send mails to non users or tag users without their prior permission.

You can access wat-sup.com using your mobile phone. It is absolutely free. All you have to pay is your carrierís normal rate.

Information we receive:

We collect information about yourself your name, email-id, DOB etc. once your account is created you can provide additional information like your city, relationship status, hometown etc.

People use social networking site to exchange ideas and views. All your activities at website like updating status, sending messages, sharing links, uploading images our collected by website.
Information we collect during your visit to the website:

Your activities like adding friends, joining or creating group, creating album and using other applications on website are stored in website.

Browser information & access device information: website may collect information about how you access your account and your clickstream data (IP address, location, browser type and the page you visit)

Cookie information: we use cookies to make your visit easy on website, though you can turn-off cookies but in such case you will not be able to get full advantage of website.

We use these information to make your stay on website easy and better, to contact you from time to time to inform you about the latest activities, to make suggestions and to help your friend to find you.

Website will not use any of your information for its commercial purpose.

Third party link:

User can view different advertisement and promotional messages on website, but these links and ads are not the part of wat-sup.com and we are not responsible for the content or landing page of these links. Users are advised to use their common sense while following such links.

How we protect your information:

We use latest technologies to protect your information like log-in details, transaction details. Users are advice to create strong password and share information wisely to avoid any kind of trouble.

If you find anybody violating terms and condition or privacy rules please inform us.

Wat-sup.com can change its privacy policy and terms & conditions without giving any prior notice. Users are advised to keep checking our terms and conditions from time to time for latest updates.

If you have any query or suggestions feel free to contact us through our help page and help us in providing better service to our users.
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