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Mobile Application Development India

As a mobile application developer, it is always to be analysis and determine of what environments or platforms to use for the Mobile Application Development for iOS (iPhone/iPad), Android, BlackBerry and Window. Mobile apps are dissimilar from one platform to another platform and anyone can’t reflect a mobile app that runs on all platforms using Objective C and Java.

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Mobile Application Development for iPhone, Android and BB


The mobile phone market has evolved rapidly because of a huge demand for advanced technology. Now days, mobile devices have become a need for each and every individual and its uses aren’t limited to receiving messages and calling rather than extended to other features like social networking, chatting, online shopping, bank transactions, playing games, etc... All these features are possible through handset devices. Mobile app development is the process of creating an interactive app for handset devices. These apps can be pre-installed on mobile devices during manufacture, downloaded by users from several mobile application software distribution platforms. Apps developers also have to consider an extensive array of hardware specifications, screen sizes and configurations due to rapid competition in mobile application software. Some years ago, the firms were just hiring the software engineers and the industry professional for development and research of applications and for advertising them as well. For tablets and smarter phone which are growing exponentially in the market the needs for developing the apps are also getting increased. Marketing and developing the applications for tablets and smart phones is thoroughly dynamic platform for any applications development firms.

Mobile Application Development can certainly enhance to put more innovative ideas into existence. There’re many such platforms that are available and are in the competition with online service provider are boosting day by day. But at the end of it, users are always in profit. These mobile apps development professionals are providing us the amazing array applications for their customers all over the world.

There’re numerous platforms on which the applications are developed and they are below:

  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • BlackBerry
  • Android
  • Windows Mobile
  • J2ME Mobile
  • Symbian

Application and software programs for mobile devices are being designed and developed to run on the most popular handset device platforms today. These are the Blackberry OS, Android OS, Windows Mobile, the HP webOS, the Apple iOS and the Symbian OS. These platforms only support the binaries and codes that are suitable to its mobile operating system. But what is common thing among most handset devices is that they use applications ARM processors. ARM is very popular in apps processors and embedded, leading power efficiency, delivering high performance computing and reduced system expense. Through the commonly used application ARM processors, the binaries and codes of the mobile applications are executed in system format for reading by the processor of device. Development of handset applications though, still have to be finished using technologies for specific operating systems.

Doing mobile application development gives the developer exposure to the tools and technologies of the trade, allowing him to write the program quickly, test it, and later on protrude the handset application for certain handset devices and their OS. Some of the popular development environments for handset application development are: Android, Adobe AIR, Aqua, Application Craft, Blackberry, Battery Tech, Windows Mobile, Macromedia Flash Lite,CloudPact, Java ME, Canappi, iOS SDK, Meme IDE, Corona SDK, Symbian, .NET Framework, and the webOS.

With different firms, the mobile platforms are different and certain mobile apps work with specified tools and technologies only. For an instance, an iPad app can’t work on a Blackberry platform or a Windows Mobile. Therefore, it is inevitable to choose the suitable platform, before starting mobile applications. Before you get started to develop a mobile application, you must judge the kind of customers you want to target at. Based on your target customers, you must then determine whether you want mobile apps that could be used by a person or business mobile phone apps. It would be comfortable for the application developer to design a work plan, and the technology for your application software.

You must consider the expense of your mobile application development as well as the required time frame. To begin with, you should do some research on the application or products being used by business competitors along with the cost strategy. In order to make the return of your investment, you required to launch your application at the appropriate time. Indifferently where you outsource your mobile app development services, you required to make sure that the mobile app is developed within an exact time.

Are you looking for a mobile app development company? We’re here to develop an application for your demands.

With over 100 mobile applications development specialists, we have a deep understanding of it. Our focus areas are:

  • Mobile Media Streaming
  • Location-Based Services
  • Messaging and Syncing
  • Presence and Social Networking
  • Ad Engines and Mobile Advertisement
  • Gaming
  • Mobile VoIP and more

Our mobile application development capabilities include efficiently performing the following jobs:

  • Developing mobile applications for iOS (iPhone/iPad), Android, BlackBerry
  • Designing, developing and testing mobile apps
  • Conceptualizing applications and eliciting needs (e.g., prototype, UI design, user stories, wireframes)
  • Porting applications between devices and platforms
  • Integrating third-party features on the server side (e.g., billing, SMS/MMS, content, feeds, ads, etc.)
  • Coordinating with device and carriers manufacturers for application certification and testing (e.g., Java Verified, NSTL)
  • Developing infrastructure and server-side, including for mapping and location services
  • Integrating SMSC, carrier, and billing systems (e.g., Location-Based Services platform)
  • Distributing mobile apps
  • Install, Upgrade and embedded
  • Application Stores (e.g., BlackBerry App World, iPhone App Store, Samsung App Store, Android Market, etc.)
  • Carrier Storefronts and Catalogs
  • Maintenance and support services