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Myfreecam Clone Proposal

Your website will be essentially a clone of in terms of functionality. There are basically two types of users that use this type of website. The first one will be live show broadcasters and the other one – live show viewers. There is no distinction in type of account here, so a viewer can become a broadcaster any time – every registered user is able to broadcast via the website, while all users, even those not registered can watch the live shows.

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MLM Software Development

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Livejasmin Clone Proposal

Project Manager

If you are looking for adult webcam site like livejasmin then we are well fit for you and mentioning some key features we will develop for you...

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Cam4 Clone Proposal

Designer is also best platform for porn starts for earning good money and we are here to develop cam to cam website like Cam4. Some key features we are mentioning...

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Myfreecam Clone Proposal Web Programmer

Myfreecams is also world's famous adult webcam chat software which we can clone for you and all the functions we are presenting which we will do for you...

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Adult Webcam Software Development, Myfreecams clone features list



View Online/Offline Models, along with their thumbnail image and a short info and all the necessary links required for home page like MyFreeCams.


Member Registration with account validation link sent by email
Member Login (password is encrypted in the database).
Password recovery.

Member Control Panel:

Update Profile:
Update Profile section allows you to modify any information related to your account. Either your profile, email or password, they can all be changed there.

Virtual Wallet:

Virtual Wallet is the section where you can see your current balance, and where you can buy credits to spend on private shows and recorded shows. Members with a virtual wallet balance greater then Zero can stay in public free chat for unlimited time. Members with zero balance have a limited time that they can stay on the public chat. For example the administrator can choose that members with no money in their accounts can stay in free public chat for 3 minutes, every 6 hours. These values can of course be changed.

Any adult payment gateway can be integrated in order to upload funds to the site.

ImagesMy favorites:

My favorites is the place where you can see if your favorite models are online/offline, and have a fast access to their shows. You can choose to be notified by email/sms when a favorite model comes online.

Browse Shows:

Take your time and search for models that you like, choose between several categories like Women, Couples, Gay. In each category you can see Online models as well as Offline models. Once you find one open it up and view it in the Live Chat Interface.  Here you can:
- See / Hear the model in free public chat
-Turn model Sound On/Off
-View your Account Balance, Free Time Left, and the Per Minute Rate of the model
-View members in the free public chat room of the model
-Add Money to your account
Start a Private show where you are the only one who can see the model performing. Private shows are billed per minute (each half minute), the rate can depend from model to model, also the income percent between model / site owner or model/studio operator/site owner. Money are taken off your virtual wallet.
Start a 2-way Private show, which is similar to private show, with the addition that the model can see your webcam as well and also hear you.
-Give a Tip to a model, you choose the amount.
-Add the model to your Favorites
-View model’s Schedule
-See the model’s Profile and Photo Gallery for free. If your account balance is zero you can see only 3 photos, if you you have money in your account you can see unlimited pictures in the gallery.
-See model’s Recorded Shows . Each recorded show has its own fixed price that you have to pay to view it. You can see a free preview of a few seconds to have an idea of what you should expect of.
(Each member has its own random color in the chat)

Private Sessions:

History of your viewed private sessions
See how much free time you have left and in how many hours it is reset.

Member Control Panel:

2-Step Model registration:

Webcam test, User info, Personal Info, Uploading of Photo ID scanned image, Representative photo image and Thumbnail photo image, Profile info, Payment details, Terms & Conditions approval.

-Model login (password is encrypted in the database).
-Password recovery

Model Control Panel:

View Account balance, Total Earnings, Total paid, Earning percentage, Cost per minute, Total time spent in private shows, Minimum Release Amount, Payment History, Private Shows History.
Update Profile:
Update Profile section allows you to modify any information related to your model account. Either your thumbnail picture, user information, profile, personal and payment info, they all can be changed here.
Broadcast section opens up your Live Chat Interface that allows you to:
-Start Broadcasting which will turn you Online for members browsing for models. Stop Broadcasting will turn you Offline.
-Turn your Sound On/Off
-Chat with members in the Free Public Chat, where they also can see and hear you
-View Members in the free public chat room, as well as their Account Balance in  brackets, so you know who to speak more with, in order to convince members with money in their accounts to go on private.
Perform a Private or 2-Way Private Show, if a member requests it. View the member’s cam in a 2-Way Private Show.
Receive Tips
See your Account Balance, Per minute price, and Earnings in this session

Record Show:
Record Show is a 5-step process that allows the model to record audio/video shows, for which members will have to pay a fixed amount in order to view them. You can also record a few seconds preview that will be free of charge for the members.
Upload Picture:
Allows you to upload pictures in your personal image gallery.
Rules Page: The rules and instructions for the model
-Studio Operator Registration: User, Personal and Payment Info. Account validation link sent by email
-Studio Operator login (password is encrypted in the database).
-Password recovery
-Model Control Panel:
Update Profile:
Update Profile section allows you to modify any information related to your account. Either your profile, user or payment information, they can all be changed there
Add Model :
Add a model to your studio operator account. The model registration form is similar to the Individual Model registration form described above. Models registered under your Studio Operator account will share revenue with both you and website owner. You will received a fixed percent of your models revenues.
My Models :
-Watch your model's activity with this tool.

View Account balance, Total Earnings, Total paid, Earning percentage, Minimum Release Amount, Payment History, Private Shows History.


General Info:
Shows number of Total Registered Models, Models awaiting approval, Broadcasting models, Members in chat rooms.
Live Supervising Interface
Alows the administrator to:
-View live all undergoing Public and Private shows of a model, including the text chat and present members list. Its purpose is to check if a models or members are following the terms and conditions of the site, and act appropiatelly (banning, removing, etc..) otherwise
-View the recorded shows of the model, and change their price individually
-View all chat logs by date and time
New Models:
View newly registered models, and approve/reject them, as well as choosing their per minute rate and percentage.
Payments Section:
Make payments to the models and studio operators, or view the history of already made payments

Members List:
Allows the administrator to browse through existing member accounts and perform different operations like:
-View the total amount of money deposited in all member accounts
-View the balance of each member
-View profile of each member and its status
-Delete a member account
-Block/Unblock a member account
-Send e-mail to a member
-Manually deposit money in a member account
-Manually remove money from a member account
Models List:
Allows the administrator to view different model-related statistics like Total Model Earngings, Total Site Earnings, Total Model Balance (not paid), Earnings in the last 7 days. Also the administrator can browse through existing model accounts and perform different operations like:

-View the total earnings for each model
-View the site earnings generated by each model individually
-View the earnings in the last 7 days for each model
-View the balance of each model
-View profile of each model and her status, as well as if the model is individual or belongs to a studio operator
-Delete a model account
-Block/Unblock a model account
-Send e-mail to a model
-Set the earnings percentage for each model
-Set the per minute rate for each model
-View the photo ID picture and representative picture of each model
Studio Operators List:
Allows the administrator to view different SOP-related statistics like Total SOP Earngings, Total Site Earnings, Total SOP Balance (not paid). Also the administrator can browse through existing SOP accounts and perform different operations like

-View the percent of a SOP
-View the balance of each SOP
-View total time spent by a SOP’s models in private chat
-View profile of each SOP and its status
-Delete a SOP account
-Block/Unblock a SOP account
-Change the minimum release level of a SOP

Send a newsletter to all:
Free Access Members
Paying Members
Studio operator
Here will be advertisement section where other corporates can put there advertise which will be handle from admin panel which can be paid for another earning resource.

So if you are looking for developing your own adult webcam site like and you have home or third party porn models for performing then feel free and Contact Us for further detail.